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Monday, July 1, 2013

Alps, 2013, 8: Another easy one…

Fourneaux, June 27, 2013—


Another short, easy day today; no hurry getting started. I stopped in at the Bureau de Tourisme to look at showcases of butterflies, minerals, and so on; then went to the alimentation for a sandwich, an apple, some cookies. We finally set out at 9:30, admiring the old buildings as we left. 

We soon were beside fields recalled from a couple of days ago, when we'd startled lambs who had somehow escaped their pastures, and batted thenselves a few times against the fence before managing to clear it and return to the flock.

We arrived at the curious Dutch ski-station at La Norma at noon; ate our sandwich and apple; then plunged into the forest on the path alongside an alarming thousand-foot drop into the Modane quarry. 

We descended to Modane, crossing a stream running fast and deep enough to be trickier than it looks:

arriving in the town of Fourneaux a little before two. On the way  to the hotel we stopped at a sporting goods store to see if they had infos on conditions beyond Thabor. Oh, a lot of snow, they said, you will need gaiters. So I broke down and bought a pair; I will have to economize elsewhere somehow.

It began sprinkling a bit. It was windy as we entered Modane, in our face; I think a small storm may be blowing in. We do not walk tomorrow or Saturday; instead, we take a bus across the border to Italy, and stay somewhere down there for the night, meeting friends who may have beter advice.  S it is, I think we'll climb to the Col de la Vallée Etroite on Sunday…